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Meet Rori

​Loving your skin since 2012...

NYS Licensed Esthetician

Licensed Laser Technician

Licensed Permanent Cosmetics Artist

2019 Team Esthetician Connection Skin Games Contestant

2019 Esthetician Connection Skin Games Contestant

Whether you come to Raecera for eyebrow microblading or a simple facial you'll never just be another appointment. I strive to create a personal, unique experience for each client.

One Client. One Artist. One Appointment.


Established in 2016.

Raecera Aesthetics was a vision of mine for many years, and I'm ecstatic to finally open the door to my storefront in 2018. I don't quite remember when I created the brand, but I remember the inspiration for the name: my initials RAE, and the Latin root "cera," meaning wax. My career in the field of aesthetics began strictly as a waxing specialist, and I grew leaps and bounds from there, but always wanted to honor where I got my start. Even before graduating from my basic 600-hour licensing course, I was signing up for advanced classes and trainings, always wanting to learn something new or expand my knowledge in a particular area. Thousands of hours of training and experience later, I am happy to offer my clients a variety of different skin care and beauty services, and am confident in my expertise and abilities in a wide range of services, modalities and treatment options.

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